I wish that I was strong enough to lift not one, but both of us

The song you hopefully are listening to above is a song that is currently crawling it’s way to the radio. It’s a song that comes off “Strange Clouds” by B.O.B. that I’m absolutely in love with. This is one of those songs that I really like, but not as much as many others (“Just a sign,” “Chandelier,” and “Bombs Away” to name a few). That is, until I realized what the song was REALLY about…

From the moment I heard the song I always just kind of pictured the song being about a family member, a friend, or significant other of some sort. Well, I was doing my morning meditation on the elliptical when this song came on shuffle. For some reason, the instant the guitar started in the beginning, I realized “this song isn’t about a family member, friend, or significant other at all… It’s about the person in the mirror!” It was at THAT moment I visualized being bent over my bathroom sink in exhaustion, looking up with tired pupils as I lock eyes with my reflection and ask the question we all end up getting to at one point or another… “What the hell am I doing and can I keep this up?” I had this visual because it’s a reality that has happened on several occasions (don’t worry, the answer I always come to is yes, I can keep this up).

The song reminded me of all the times I felt like I wasn’t strong enough to take care of myself. Even if those moments are fleeting, they still can wear down your armor. I tell people all the time that my boot camps (and I hope people realize this is a metaphor for life at this point) aren’t designed to be done perfectly, but designed to challenge you to be better when everything in you says “I Can’t.” When you’re surrounded by 25 of the greatest people you’ve ever met all locked in to a boot camp where everyone has the same goal and not an ounce of negative is brought to the equation it’s easy to be motivated… but what about those times when you’re by yourself?

When you’re looking in the mirror, wondering if you have the strength to go on? I’ve found myself looking in the mirror MORE than a time or two saying “I wish that I was strong enough to carry both of us.” That reflection is symbolic. That reflection, more importantly, is reality. Your opportunity to see yourself from the outside while still looking within.

I’ve got great news… You are strong enough.

There is something I do when I’m working out either on my own or in a group setting. I will find a mirror and lock eyes with myself when things get really difficult. I’ve had people notice and ask about it, and people aren’t quite sure if I’m joking or serious when I say “I’m daring myself to quit on myself.” That’s EXACTLY what I’m doing. I’m not joking. I’m holding myself accountable. When you let yourself down, it’s often accompanied by turning your head down and ignoring the painfully obvious… You quit on yourself. It’s a whole new ball game when you hold YOURSELF accountable. You get the results people don’t get by doing the work people don’t do is MUCH more than just physical. By now, many of you know that. What I hope you get from this post is that your reflection is powerful. You ARE the results! You ARE the work! Holding YOURSELF accountable is exactly what people don’t do. YOU’RE YOUR LAST LINE OF DEFENSE!!!

So, in conclusion, I just wanted to share a song that really struck a nerve with me when I realized what it was about. It’s about the person in the mirror. That reflection that stares back at you, begging for help but not knowing how to get it. I recommend you all listen to the song from start to finish and listen with the mentality I just talked about. For some of you, it will floor you. For others, you’ll be done saying “Neat song!” or “I hate Taylor Swift!” However, if ONE person gets even the slightest impact that I got from the song, then this post was a success…




– Rebel8