Fitness Rebellion – Triple Threat Sign-ups!


Fitness Rebellion Presents:


* Indoor Workouts * Outdoor Workouts * Nutritional Support *

Begins: May 21st (Monday)

Ends: July 25th (Wednesday)

Times: Every Monday @ 6:45pm & Wednesday @ 6pm

Location: Anytime Fitness (2885 Santa Rosa Ave.)

Cost: $225 (Payment plans not a problem! Additional costs for non-Anytime Fitness members)

 Our 30th (XXX) Fitness Rebellion challenge is set to go DOWN on May 21st! Join us for a fitness fiesta in the form of:

– Twice-a-week indoor workouts
– Outdoor group workouts, hikes, & events (optional)
– Nutritional education & support
– Measurements (optional)

– Fit Test (Brand New)
– Custom Shirt (handmade for you with your own personal design!)
– Themed workouts (including BLACKLIGHT)
– Return of the “MVH, Unicorn, & Legend” Awards
… and more!

Time to sign up!

❤ Rebel8