Television Appearances

Along my journey as a personal trainer with Anytime Fitness, I’ve had the fortunate opportunity of being on the small screen! It’s easy to recognize that instances like these are few and far between so I’ll take every chance I get to help plant some positive seeds.

This first clip is from “The Doctor’s” and was an episode all about losing weight and gaining confidence. They wanted to know my thoughts on the matter, so I told ’em!

This second clip is a “post episode confessional” from a reality show in Canada I got to participate in! The show is called “Be the Boss” (also airing here in the states on A&E) and took 2 high ranking employees from Anytime Fitness to compete against one another for a job promotion. The twist however was that NO ONE loses since they are secretly fighting to have their very own franchise. Whoever doesn’t get the franchise, get’s the job promotion! Anytime Fitness requested a rebellion boot camp as part of their week long “job interview” for the ultimate physical test. That was where I came in… The experience in itself is one I’ll remember forever, and I hope I get to bring some more of the Rebellion to our northern neighbors soon! Sunny and Blaire were AMAZING and I’m so glad I got the opportunity to meet them! 

That’s all for now! Maybe there will be more to add later… but if not then that’s ok too ;). The rebellion will thrive no matter what!

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