What is a Rebel?

What is a Rebel?

The Rebellion is a process starting from within, not from without. The goal is self improvement, starting with your strongest muscles; Your heart and soul. The Rebellion is here to overcome fears that manifest physically and translate into the thought “this is too hard for me.” Once those fears are battled (not conquered… life will forever be one big “rebel workout”), it’s because you’ve got the confidence to battle them. You get the results people don’t get by doing the work people don’t do. Getting the confidence to rebel rage through your fears and insecurities with a balled up fist and a primal scream is the hardest work there is. As Rebels, we do it. We battle. It may not always look pretty, and it will not always be comfortable, but it will be a journey that leaves you standing taller. Prouder. Full of the realization that you are the king of your own castle.  As Rebels, we refuse to take “I can’t” or “I’ll always be this person…” because settling for anything less than supreme respect from yourself is unacceptable. As Rebels, we live by what I’ve dubbed “The Rebellion Rule.” Treat others BETTER than you wish to be treated. As Rebels, we open our arms to vulnerabilities and insecurities because we know the struggle. As Rebels, we will NEVER turn away those asking for help, even when they don’t ask for it. As Rebels, we stand atop a mountain of downtrodden emotions and lack of self worth with our hands stretched towards the sunlight screaming “Join us! The view from the top is beautiful!” As Rebels, we are worth it. We are The Rebellion.

I say we strive for better, not perfect, for a reason. Perfect is a default for striving to be better. Perfection is also an illusion. If you are constantly trying to be perfect, you’ll never be able to truly enjoy life’s imperfections that make life so wonderful in the first place.

Remember… You are only as beautiful on the outside as you feel on the inside. Until you learn to love yourself, you will always see ugly in the mirror.


– Rebel8

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