Josh’s Letter

Dear Josh,

Fancy seeing you here… Come around often? Well, here we are again. This is your 10th challenge yet it feels like the 50th and 1st all at once. You’d think it would be old hat by now but I’ll be damned if this isn’t the scariest one yet. I mean, this is the biggest thing you’ve ever done. There are a lot of people counting on you to not let them down, and even though that’s a really scary thought, I admire you for taking the plunge and moving forward. For a long time now I know you’ve been battling with the fear that the higher you climb the further you fall, but look at this as your opportunity to prove that fear wrong. It’s ok to be afraid to let people down, because that fear grounds you even when your head is in the clouds. You always say, all good things carry nerves behind it so the fact that you ARE nervous means you’re doing it right! Plus, look on the bright side… You’re going into this one being adapted to the physical strain it takes to run the 3 teams. Your voice doesn’t hurt anymore nor does it get lost. Your stamina is used to the rigors of the 6 boot camps in a row and that was your biggest fear LAST TIME. I mean, that turned out fine, right? You were POSITIVE you were going to drop from exhaustion and lose your voice but not only did you not come close, but you emerged STRONGER! How rad was that? It was like a fit test for mind, body, and soul and you did the equivalent of tripling your plank time. Self high five!! *SLAP!* My point is you faced your fears last time and those fears were laughable and the very thing that forged your most recent coat of armor, so you can be damn sure the same thing is going to happen this time. Remember, you’ve got the support of HFG too. Ever since that started you’ve really been doing well with your emotions in regards to food, and I’m proud of you there, too. It’ll be a life long journey, we know that… but to constantly seek better tools to work on self improvement, not perfection, is something not often sought after yet often looked up to. That’s where it comes full circle… You get the results people don’t get by doing the work people don’t do. 

When this thing is all said and done, I hope that you are able to change the perception of at least 1 person. Aw, who are we fooling, you want more than that… Before you always said that as long as ONE PERSON gets their brain and heart reformatted then this challenge was a success. You’ve gotten a little greedy now, but that’s ok because at least you’re not fooling yourself. I hope that ALL the new Rebels (and veterans alike) get a defibrillator to the cranium. It’s ok to hope for that because I know you’re going to work your ass off for it. Besides, there will always be chants, sound offs, shovels to paint, banners to hang, songs to pick out, rebel yells, T-shirts to make, tears to shed, sweat to pour, hugs to give, hugs to get, secrets shared, shoulders to lean on, and hearts to heal so even if you’re not able to get to everybody this time… You’ve got a life time of “AhhhhOOOOOOOO”ing to do. Keep that head up baby… Fears make you stronger when you Rebel Rage through them. Iron forges iron. Do what you love, because in the end there is only one thing stronger than all the armies on Earth, and that’s an idea whose time has come. You can’t POSSIBLY fail because of that man! You know why?

Because everyone in The Rebellion all have the same idea…

The old you

2 comments on “Josh’s Letter

  1. I love you and I love this. You are a rebel WITH a cause and you are sharing it with all of us. AhhhhhhOOOOOOOOOOO!

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