Fitter for Winter Shovel and Schedule!

The video below is of the shovel that will be used for OPERATION: Fitter for Winter this holiday season! Please, if you haven’t already, CLICK HERE to read about the origin of the shovel…

If you happen to be one of the magnificent Fitter for Winter participants, then get used to seeing this shovel :). We’re doing something special with this shovel… We’re going to make you TRULY earn signing this symbol of determination and grit on January 12th when this things all over, the dust settles, and we’re all left standing after the holiday tornado dies down. More will be explained your first boot camp…

This video doesn’t exist

Another thing to keep in mind for this OPERATION: Fitter for Winter is a handy dandy schedule! If you’re ever curious about we’re going to be working on, one stop to (or we can make sure you get a printout at the gym) will let you know exactly what to expect so you can plan your own workouts accordingly! All of us trainers are working together so that all of our classes in addition to the Fitter for Winter festivities will compliment each other. Translation: you can feel safe attending all of our classes knowing we’re not going to workout what you JUST worked out. Boo ya! If you ever need, remember that at the TOP of this site, you can always click on the “OPERATION: Fitter for Winter Schedule” button to immediately take you to it, rather than feeling like you have to search for this post again. It will also be posted on the “OPERATION: Fitter for Winter” Facebook page under “documents.” No quit in here!

OPERATION: Fitter for Winter 

Tuesday: Meets at 6:30pm
Wednesday: Meets at 6:30pm
Saturday: Heather runs the 9am Boot camp and Josh runs the 10am boot camp

  • Nov. 27th (Tuesday) – Beginning Fit Test & Total Body Introduction workout
  • Nov. 28th (Wednesday) – Beginning Fit Test & Total Body Introduction workout
  • Dec. 1st (Saturday) – Core Work
  • Dec. 4th (Tuesday) – Lower Body Work
  • Dec. 5th (Wednesday) – Upper Body Work
  • Dec. 8th (Saturday) – Core Work
  • Dec. 11th (Tuesday) – Upper Body Work
  • Dec. 12th (Wednesday) – Lower Body Work
  • Dec. 15th (Saturday) Total Body Balance Work!
  • Dec. 18th (Tuesday) – Upper Body Work
  • Dec. 19th (Wednesday) – Core Work
  • Dec. 22nd (Saturday) Total Body Checkpoint workout (Same workout as 1st workout… You get to see the marked improvement!)
  • Dec. 25th (Tuesday) – Christmas! No official workout, but anybody who wishes is welcome to join a group of us Fitness Rebels getting together to do some Tough Mudder style circuit training in the morning J. Time to be determined… Most likely 8am (or roundabouts).
  • Dec. 26th (Wednesday) – Heather’s Wildcard Workout!  Talk with Heather to find out the details 😉
  • Dec. 29th (Saturday) – Lower Body Work
  • January 1st (Tuesday) – Upper Body Work! Bring the New Year in the way you want to finish! Nothing starts off the New Year better than a boot camp ;). It’s in the evening… PLENTY of time to rest off that celebration hangover!
  • January 2nd (Wednesday) – Core Work
  • January 5th (Saturday) – Lower Body Work
  • January 8th (Tuesday) – Balance Boot Camp! With functionality and balance being the key to this workout, it will leave you in prime condition to be the Rock Star you are for the fit test on Saturday!
  • January 9th (Wednesday) – Balance Boot Camp! With functionality and balance being the key to this workout, it will leave you in prime condition to be the Rock Star you are for the fit test on Saturday!
  • January 12th (Saturday) – Ending Fit Test and Total Body Outroduction workout

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