Dig for the stars…

Recently we here at Anytime Fitness off Santa Rosa Ave had the good fortune to host Greg Cordell and Geno Church of “Brains on Fire.” Brains on Fire is the company Anytime Fitness partnered up with to pave the way in leading this fitness rebellion. They specialize in leading movements, and they’re damn good at it!

During their visit, they got to witness one of our Rebel boot camps! OPERATION: Fitter for Winter was in full effect that day, and I got an e-mail this morning from the wonderful Greg Cordell sharing something I find to be pretty damn awesome.

Greg said his “heart smiled” when he saw me reach for the shovel before our workout. To see such a symbol wasn’t just endearing at face value, it had a bit more of a back story… Attached in the e-mail was a short children’s story written by Greg himself all about never giving up on your dreams and always pushing forward no matter the obstacle.

The center piece was digging…

As soon as I read the story, I was floored. One because… wel, read it. No explanation needed there. The second reason is because I’ve secretly been writing a children’s story myself about a mole by the name of Trinket who is tired of “the way things are” and finds out his ability to dig is more powerful than he realizes. It’s halway done. Greg, you have inspired me to finish the other half.

Thank you, Greg, for sharing such an amazing piece of literature that resonates with me more than you know. I asked to share it because I know I won’t be the only one… This is proof that this revolution is real.

Never stop digging…



















– Rebel8

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