Witness Rebels Make History…


The 11th challenge of the Hulk/Rebel legacy is officially coming to a close today.

Every challenge, I put together a slideshow from start to finish, telling a rough guided story of the highs and lows, experiences and memories, smiles and sweat… Everything is chronicled here.

I encourage everyone to watch, even if you have never been a part of the Rebellion before… The Rebellion is a mentality, not a “members only” group. Everyone is a Rebel family member, and these slideshows showcase exactly how much fun taking care of yourself and working your heart and soul with people who want the same thing. We all have different exteriors, but the INTERIOR, your heart and soul, is where we all share the same spirit…

These slideshows showcase exactly how amazing that human spirit is and all the incredible things born of it.


– Rebel8


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