Rebel Mentality: Run or Dye


This last weekend on Saturday, November 2nd a rag-tag group of Rebels came together in true “one team, one dream” fashion to take part in the Run or Dye 5k at the Santa Rosa fairgrounds. The slideshow you’re (hopefully) about to watch is short and sweet. It tells the more-powerful-than-most-realize stories of somebody who has lost 16 lbs and 16 inches in a matter of months running her first ever 5k, someone who jogged the longest distance they’ve jogged in over 10 years, someone who has triumphantly conquered their first 5k weeks prior only to be taking on their second one with gusto, families coming together and running as one, being featured as the “Fan-Stand of the day!” on “Headstands for Humanity,” old friends reuniting and new friendships igniting, all with the backdrop being an excruciatingly awesome health based community event. If you’ve ever wanted to do something like this but have always felt like you were out of place then this video and subsequent post was made specifically for you. The people you see having the time of their lives felt the exact same way before taking a step outside of their comfort zone and into the greatest safety net you could possibly imagine; human beings with great hearts who want nothing more than to be accept and to accept with love being true North.

So go ahead, seize the day… You never know how bright the colors dancing all around you are until you allow yourself to dance with¬†them.

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