If in need of a little inspiration…


I felt that some of you partaking in this current challenge who are new to the Rebellion don’t quite know what drives him. Well, I just so happen to have a few videos that share his story in a nutshell, so when you hear his screams ring out in that aerobic room, you know this is where it comes from… The first video was made by a professional filmmaker friend of Tye’s to help tell his story to Anytime Fitness and more so, whoever would be inspired by it. 

The second video is a slideshow I made to “Fix You” by Javier Colon for Tye and his amazing/gorgeous wife Bobbi to commemorate how far they’ve come when Tye became a certified personal trainer through the NASM.

Also, in honor of the most amazing midpoint measurement day I’ve ever experienced, I wanted to reshare a video that never gets old. A reminder about the scale that we were ALL reminded of today…

Lastly, I also wanted to share the slideshow I made of our last Tough Mudder experience in Temecula this last February. I cannot WAIT for September. It truly is a once in a lifetime experience… I can’t wait to earn another headband but more importantly… go through another turbulent journey and become bonded with my closest friends all over again :).


– Rebel8

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